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  • Fountain Pen Care and Cleaning
    Q1: How often should I clean my fountain pen? A1: Regular cleaning is crucial to the performance and longevity of your fountain pen. We recommend cleaning your fountain pen every 4-6 weeks or whenever you change your ink color. However, if your pen feels scratchy or flows poorly, it may need an immediate clean. Q2: What is the proper way to clean my fountain pen? A2: To clean your fountain pen, you'll need lukewarm water, a cup, and a soft, lint-free cloth. Disassemble the pen carefully, rinse each part under lukewarm water, then soak them in the cup for a few hours or overnight. Once done, air-dry the parts on the cloth before reassembling the pen. Remember, never use hot water, alcohol, or dish soap on your fountain pen. Q3: Can I use any ink for my fountain pen? A3: We recommend only using ink specifically designed for fountain pens. Other inks like India ink or calligraphy ink can clog the feed and damage the pen.
  • Ink-Based Pen Care and Cleaning
    Q1: How should I store my ink-based pen when not in use? A1: For optimal performance, store your pen horizontally or with the tip pointing upwards to prevent the ink from drying out. Avoid exposing your pens to extreme temperatures as this can damage the ink flow. Q2: How can I clean a clogged pen? A2: First, try scribbling on a scrap piece of paper to get the ink flowing. If this doesn't work, you can run the tip under warm water. After that, gently blot it on a piece of paper towel. Make sure to let it dry before using it again. Q3: Can I use any ink to refill my pen? A3: It's always best to use ink specifically made for your type of pen. Using incorrect ink can clog the nib, disrupt ink flow, or damage the pen.
  • Pen Refills
    Q1: How do I know when it's time to refill my pen? A1: When your pen starts to produce faint or broken lines, or stops writing altogether, it's time to refill it. Q2: Can I find refills for my Pen & Ink pens at Staples? A2: Yes, you can find refills for most of our Pen & Ink models at Staples. Please make sure to check the specific pen model for compatibility. When in doubt, bring your pen refill with you to the store and ask an associate for assistance Q3: Can I buy refills for my pens from your store? A3: Yes, we offer refills for all of our pen models. Send us an email to with the pen model you purchased and we'll send you a quote via email. Q4: How do I refill my fountain pen? A4: Fountain pens can be refilled using an ink bottle and a converter, or by using pre-filled ink cartridges. Refer to your pen's instruction manual for the correct method for your specific model. Q5: Can I use a refill from a different brand? A5: We recommend using refills that are of the same brand as your pen. This is because the pen and refill are designed to work together for the best performance. Using a different brand's refill may not fit properly or could even damage your pen. Q6: What should I do if ink leaks from the pen after refilling? A6: If ink leaks after refilling, it may mean the refill or cartridge wasn't installed properly, or it could be a sign of a damaged pen. Try re-installing the refill or consult the pen's instruction manual for troubleshooting tips. If problems persist, contact our customer support for further assistance. Q7: How long does a refill last? A7: The life of a refill depends on how much you write. On average, a refill lasts for about 500-800 meters of writing. This equates to approximately a few months for most users.
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